Technique: Acrylic on hardboard Dimensions: 86,5x86,5 cm (≈ 34x34 in) Year: 2018

Remember those clouds in comic books with thunders and hammers in them, depicting one’s anger? Well, that’s what I was aiming at, and an abstraction came naturally as a means to do it. I was never much inclined to abstract art, and even if I understood one’s desire to do an abstract painting I never understood the desire to do a hundred of them. However, I reconsidered this while making this one because, quite surprisingly, I found the process more or less the same as when doing a figurative painting, not at all fundamentally different in what matters as I expected. And since abstraction deals with more authentic levels of expression for which it takes less time to execute the gratification is more imminent. I’d even say it is more selfish because it takes only the artist into account. In the end, it was a fun thing to do, so I think I am going to do a whole series. Maybe even a hundred. After all, painting is a selfish business 🙂