is a webshop offering limited edition prints of works by the artist Tino Perdić. All works presented on the site are original works by the artist, either digital paintings or made traditionally in the technique of acrylic on fiberboard. The latter are professionally photographed and prepared for printing before offering as posters on the site.

Limited editions

Limited edition (LE) refers to the finite number of prints available for a particular artwork. The number is usually determined by the artist who where applicable also supervises the production process or acknowledges the prints quality. Lastly, each print from the edition is dry-stamped, numbered and handsigned by the artist. The numbering is usually made in the form of a fraction, i.e. 19/50, where the first number stands for the current number of the print from the edition of 50. Once the edition reaches its end no further prints should be made, otherwise the entire concept of limited edition would be pointless.
The exception to this are small scaled posters which are made as open editions and do not follow this rule.

Prints offered at are guaranteed to terminate once an edition reaches its end by the artist himself. Numbers of individual poster editions are most of the times as follows:

  • Oversized (150x150cm) – Limited edition of 1 or 3
  • Large (100x100cm) – Limited edition of 5
  • Medium (75x75cm) – Limited edition of 10
  • Regular (50x50cm) – Limited edition of 20
  • Small (30x30cm) – Open edition
  • Extra small (20x20cm) – Open edition

Other than these several Artist proof (AP) prints can be made for the artist’s quality insurance. These are testing prints with slight variations among them to find the optimal settings with which to make an edition. There are usually no more than three of these, and are often offered for free in sweepstakes organized on the Posterpiece site and/or its social media channels.
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For the time being items are shipped in Europe only and for free on all orders over €50 in a tight and secured cardboard tube to prevent any damage to the poster or in a box for framed posters. However, if the item by any chance arrives damaged, please follow the instructions stated at our Return policy to ensure your satisfaction.