Tino Perdić


Liberalism is an ongoing series and a continuation and logical development from previous considerations of the post-religious world. The term itself is borrowed from the works of Y. N. Harari’s whose categorized insights of the contemporary world have greatly aligned with my own; it is a shortened term for liberal humanism which stands for modern philosophical stance with man in its center… Read more



Museum of the City of Kaštela, Castle Vitturi
August 17-31, 2019
Opening reception at 20.00hrs.

Ingenuity of Perdić’s painting is evident at first sight. His works inventively dissect the motifs inviting the spectator to the new ways of considering the artistic perspective. Understated, and yet complete frame leaves us lost for words and returns us to a sort of undiscovered mythological domain of imagination. Tino visually denominates instances with clearly carved transcendental features of the humane. Anonymity of the understated becomes a functional attribute of man’s existence in the world and his spirited rivalry with the new, still unknown. He is restless, and yet bold and daring, analytically unrestrained and provocative, and his painting interactive: addressing to the eye, it strikes the mind. Read more