Liberalism is an ongoing series and a continuation and logical development from previous considerations of the post-religious world. The term itself is borrowed from the works of Y. N. Harari’s whose categorized insights of the contemporary world have greatly broadened my own; it is a shortened term for liberal humanism which stands for modern philosophical stance with man in its center. With gods out of the picture and man left to himself, what is it that we’re left with? The world we live in, for the worse or for the better. The series tries to analyze it or pinpoint its various occurrences without judgement. Realization of a possible problem is a first step to solving it.

The works themselves for the most part take on the form of a philosophical thought experiment, where no apparent solution is offered, but instead they tend to plant a seed for further considerations and analysis. The series is visually subdivided into several micro-series, the reason being twofold: on the one hand my own reluctance to endlessly repeat motifs and expression, and on the other the fact that the world has become a multi-cultural all-styled ever-changing entity which is better reflected with the same inclination to variety. What binds them together is the recurring contemporary context.