Technique: Acrylic on hardboard Dimensions: 92x92 cm (≈ 36x36 in) Year: 2019

I am aware this one could be easily compared to one of Damien Hirst’s pill paintings, however, I believe it is conceptually very different and it has a distinct narrative which makes it my own.

The painting speaks of love and understanding as the basis of a thriving relationship and scattered mama’s and daddy’s little helpers symbolize the totality of such prerequisites, here reduced to just two to further broaden the theme and to specify it at the same time – can love be chemically induced or at least sustained? I can think of a number of ways where it can. So, if yes, then is it any less true or real? Is the world any different or true to someone wearing eyeglasses? I believe not. So, the tricky part, as always, is to accept the human condition.

The title, I think, is the most fitting to accentuate this point.