Technique: Acrylic on hardboard Dimensions: 92x92 cm (≈ 36x36 in) Year: 2019

The painting represents the sum of thinking about probabilities of random events occurrences, summed up in theories and arguments such as the law of large numbers, Boltzmann brain, infinite monkey theorem and similar. What they all basically say is that given enough time or chance any conceivable event can theoretically occur. This is a scientific approach to explaining how a pretty much ordered universe sporadically even sustaining life came about and god knows it’s had time!

On a micro level, this can be translated to Jung’s synchronicity, i.e. widely experienced meaningful coincidences, but meaningfulness is a tricky human term which cannot be externalized at will. Without the leap of faith, who’s to say we’re more than a random occurrence? To answer the conundrum in a jocular way – give it time!