Technique: Acrylic on hardboard Dimensions: 92x92 cm (≈ 36x36 in) Year: 2019

It takes a decisive moment to declare a painting done; a moment in which you feel that you’ve done your best and that from that moment you can make the painting only worse by continuing to work on it. This was even more true on this one since it visually doesn’t contain much. Yet it spoke to me so I decided to stop right there. I have to admit that it even involved some courage to stop since it all happened so unusually fast. Still, I remembered Picasso who said that a painting can never be done too fast, which is very true in it’s own sense.
So I signed it and that was that.

The painting represents infinitesimal odds at which what generally constitutes as miracles occur, such as life in the universe (excluding the creationism approach), i.e. every other event in which all its pre-requisites have aligned to make it possible.